Filter production and plastic injection moulding

The basic speciality of PRB d.o.o. is mass production of filters for liquid and gaseous media and plastic injection moulding. We have many years of experience and excellent technical solutions in the production of very demanding injection-moulded filters and similar products.
Our filters are installed all over the world in various technical components that require the purity of the filtered medium, such as water, fuel, oil, cleaners, chemicals, paints, varnishes, air, various gases, vacuum. Filters and other injection-moulded parts are produced according to customer requirements. We make serial injection moulding tools, assembly preparations and procedures ourselves. Filters and various parts are produced, assembled, quality controlled and packed. If desired, we can also provide technical consultancy, make prototype tools and adapt the product to customer requirements.
We are present in cleaning, heating, vacuum and painting technology, automotive industry and appliances for industry, home and garden.
In addition, we also have various plastic and metal products in our program, which can be assembled or injected with plastic parts.
We produce filters and injection-moulded products on horizontal as well as vertical Boy, Battenfeld, Krauss Maffei machines and other machines in the range from 20 to 115 tons of closing force, with which we inject plastic products. We process various types of thermoplastic, such as PE, PP, POM, ABS, PA... They can be with or without fiberglass reinforcement.
We are a reliable, high-quality and loyal partner to our customers. Our products are of top quality, which is also proven by the ISO 9001 Certificate, which we obtained in 2015. We have long-term contracts with our business partners for the exclusive production and supply of filters, which they assemble in their end products.
Our guideline and main goals are quality, reliable delivery, competitive prices and the satisfaction of our customers.
Company history
PRB d.o.o. was founded in 1972 by Mr. Rudi Plestenjak. Until 1992, our main activity was the manufacture of metal products and tools for cutting and bending sheet metal. Washers and nuts made of Fe, Ms and Cu sheet metal with threads from M2 to M12 prevailed among the many types of products, and they were used in the production of switches, household appliances, water pumps, mechanical engineering… We also manufactured various metal component parts for electricity meters, metal hinges for the furniture industry, 16A cam switches, luggage ties for fastening loads, holders for thread cutting dies, spiral belt springs for Prvomajska milling machines ...
When the global trend of using metal products began to decline sharply, the production of filters and plastic injection moulding became the core activity of our company after 1992. At that time, we also started producing various plastic products. Injection-moulded filters and similar products of various shapes, sizes and fine meshes are our primary business.
We cooperate with the world’s largest technical producers in various production branches.
PRB d.o.o.
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